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We believe in loving God with all our minds. So we ask a lot of questions.

Over a period of years, First Church has paid careful attention to the Church School Curriculum. 

Christians believe that we know about God through a particular story – a combination of actual historical events and the church’s reflection upon the meaning of these events, including some creative elaboration. This story does not describe God in a literal way, as if God were a being we could see and touch. Rather, this Biblical story tells us what God is like, how God acts, and God’s desire to be in relationship with creation.

Christians also believe that to live with the knowledge of this story, and to shape our individual and collective lives on the basis on what it reveals about God, is the right way to live. In designing our curriculum, we at First Church had to decide which parts of this larger story are the most important ones for children to learn about, and how best to engage children in learning the stories and what they mean for us. We also need to teach important things about the Christian tradition as a whole – What is the Church? How Do We Worship? We want to teach them how to sing hymns and other liturgical responses. We want them to know about time-honored bits of tradition like the 23rd Psalm, Ten Commandments, and Lord’s Prayer. We want them to know the meaning of Christian holidays and how these relate to the story. 

Our approach to teaching children and one another about the Christian faith indicates that  we value the Christian story in its traditional form, and  we are committed to teach the story creatively and in a way that is relevant to our own lives. 

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