Community at First Church

We are committed to building relationships with each other and you.

Following each worship service, the congregation adjourns to the Parish Hall for fellowship and refreshments. At around 11:20 a.m., when the bell rings, people have the option of attending one or more Second Hour programs whose topics and locations are listed in the worship bulletin. Usually, the main Second Hour program takes place in the Memorial Room. Sometimes our youth groups (Pre-Initiation Group, or PIGs, and Initiation to Adulthood Group) meet during this time slot, and sometimes they meet on Sunday evening. The youngest children are welcome to stay on in the nursery.

We recognize that going to the coffee hour for the first time is a psychologically difficult and awkward thing for most visitors to do, especially if you don’t know anyone in the congregation already. Attending Second Hour programs is an easier way to meet others, since the program provides some comfortable structure and it doesn’t require standing in a room full of strangers.

Verses two and three of the beautiful song “We Are One in the Spirit” outline the ways that we may become one: “We will walk with each other/ We will walk hand in hand” and “We will work with each other/ We will work side by side.” Fellowship and friendships spring from shared interests and shared responsibilities. Many friendly relationships are begun while cleaning the coffee pots or team-teaching a group of lively six- and seven-year-olds.

Some of our favorite ways of building relationships with us are:

  • Hikes and Canoe trips

  • Mardi Gras Cajun supper, silent movie, and jazz concert

  • Working on the annual Holly Fair in early December

  • Annual Goods and Services Auction

  • Educational programs related to community outreach

  • Second Hour programs and discussions of current events

  • Service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, meals at St. Vincent DePaul Place, visits with boys at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School


The annual Holly Fair mixes work with pleasure, both on the day of the Fair (always the first Saturday in December) and in the weeks leading up to it. Booths include:

  • Holiday greens (wreaths and centerpieces)

  • Antiques & collectibles

  • Homemade candies and fudge

  • Gourmet lunch

  • Soups-to-go

  • Linens & lace

  • Books

  • Jewelry

  • Cookie walk

  • Handcrafts & holiday ornaments

  • Baked goods

Gift baskets, a new item in 1997, was wildly popular with the children and young people who contributed items to create themed baskets such as gardening, cat and dog care, and chocolate lover’s delight. This year, mark the first Saturday of December on your calendar, and come join the fun!

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