Fall Worship at First Church

Worship starts at 10:00am

The most important way to participate in the life of the church is to worship on Sunday morning. Our services begin at 10 a.m. (except during July – worship held at South Church, and August – worhsip held here at First Church with South Church as our guest, at 9:30 a.m.).

Our style of worship reflects the wide range of religious backgrounds represented in our congregation. We place a high value on evocative sermons, inspiring music, and robust hymn-singing, but we also enrich our services with a variety of sung responses and moments of silence.

During the “Joys and Concerns” you will feel the warmth and support in our community. People share information and request prayers for individuals and families of the church as well as for those in the wider community and around the world. On the first Sunday of each month,

Holy Communion is served. We serve grape juice and the option of gluten-free wafers.

During the early portion of the service, school age children participate as readers.  On some Sundays, there is a special “Message for All Ages.”  On most Sundays, children leave for their church school classes before the sermon. For infants and pre-schoolers, nursery care is provided throughout the morning.


Our Music

Learn more about how we love God with all of our souls through music at First Church

Our Learning

Explore the ways we love God with all our minds through our commitment to learning.

Our Community

Explore the ways we love God with all our hearts through our commitment to building community with one another.