Fall Worship Schedule

During the summer, First Church and South Church,¬†our sister UCC church, worship together. Here’s our schedule for summer 2019!

2019 Summer Worship Schedule

Summer Preaching Series: Trees of Life in the Bible and Beyond
This summer Rev. Julia will explore the interfaith symbolism of the Tree of Life, the goodness of creation and the natural world, the weaving together of Heaven and Earth and the beautiful raw spirituality we can find while going both deeply into our Bible and deeply into the natural world where as told in Isaiah 55:12 “the trees of the field clap their hands.” Hear about trees what they can teach us about community, friendship, justice, God, Jesus, social activism, joy, contemplation and beauty. Rev Julia will preach at South Church on July 7th, and at First Church on August 11th, 18th, 25th, Sept 1st, Sept 15th.


9:30 am: Joint worship with South Congregational at South Church (9 Pleasant Street, Middletown)


9:30 am: Joint worship with South Congregational at First Church

We will return to our regular worship at 10 am on September 1.